Believe Wellness Center PLLC provides quick, efficient evaluations, which includes assessments, recommendations, treatment plan, and compliance notification that your past and present

employer require.  We work in the FMSCA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse to update your status according to 49, CFR part 40, sub part 0. If you have had a positive drug test and have gotten laid off, call us.

SAP Assessment Process:

Evaluation. You meet with one of our SAP substance abuse professionals  for an evaluation. The evaluation process generally takes approximately 2 hours or less to complete.

Determination. The SAP substance abuse professional determines if you need assistance with the alcohol misuse or illegal drug problem. The substance abuse professional is required to provide appropriate documentation to the DER who is your company’s designated employer representative to the DOT.

Education or treatment referral. The SAP substance abuse professional will refer you to the appropriate education or treatment services based upon the needs identified in your evaluation. At a minimum, the substance abuse professional may recommend drug education. If necessary, you will receive a referral to two facilities that provide the drug classes or drug treatment you are required to complete.

Return to duty evaluation. The SAP substance abuse professional will conduct a follow-up evaluation to determine if you have complied with the recommendations for drug treatment or drug education that you were given when you were initially evaluated.

Follow-up testing. Last, the SAP substance abuse professional will establish a follow-up testing regimen. The substance abuse professional may recommend drug and alcohol testing for those employees who have poly-substance abuse problems. You are required to complete at least six tests in the first year upon your return to safety sensitive duty on your job. Substance abuse professionals may recommend continuation of testing up to sixty months. Substance abuse professionals may also recommend a “continuing care” regimen (aftercare, meeting with a12-Step sponsor, 12-Step meetings, Self-help groups, or community lectures around substance abuse, etc).

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